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A Funeral Diva is a Distinguished Woman that Contributes to the Creation of a Funeral Ceremony.


Funeral Divas, Inc. was created to empower women in the death-care Industry. DIVAS is an acronym that stands for Distinguished, Intelligent, Versatile, Ambitious & Successful. We aim to empower women by teaching them these values. 

Our mission is to help funeral & cemetery industry women grow, be inspired and connect with one another. We do this through networking on our online member pages, on conference calls & on social media. We also advocate for Funeral & Cemetery Industry Women as a group & on a case by case basis.

Funeral Divas, Inc. was established in 2010 by Muneerah Warner. Muneerah is a Pennsylvania Licensed Funeral Director, author and founder of Eternal Enterprises, Inc. She believes women help and enhance the funeral service industry and Funeral Divas, Inc. is the catalyst that helps them to do so.

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A Great Collection

Shopping can get pretty expensive, and finding a fun products for death-care industry women can be a mission in itself. That's why we created the Funeral Diva product line. Whether you want to wear them to a Funeral Diva event or to the gym we have what you are looking for!

Visit our shop and find an entire range of products that can be tailored to suit your tastes and preferences. 


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Funeral Divas Incorporated

Distinguished, Intelligent, Versatile, Ambitious, Successful

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