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Female-led funeral directors out to buck several trends in male-dominated industry

In the male-dominated industry of funeral directing, it’s unusual to see a team led almost exclusively by women.

"If anything we would like more men to apply for the jobs we post. We want our team to reflect the people that we care for so we want it to be as diverse as possible."

Poppy, who quit her role at Sotheby's in 2012 to set up the business, says "dealing with dead bodies is definitely quite different from working in an auction house".

Despite the career change bringing a new set of emotions, she insists the worst part of her job is not the sadness of working with dead people and their loved ones, but operating in an industry "not working wholeheartedly on behalf of the bereaved".

Poppy's colourful wardrobe defies the stereotypes often associated with black-attired funeral directors.

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