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Funeral Divas, Inc. celebrates 11th Anniversary!

Funeral Divas, Inc. is excited to announce that we are celebrating 11 years in the funeral industry! We are an organization that specializes in professional development & advocacy for women in the death-care industry. Funeral Divas, Inc. helps women gain & maintain employment, we advocate for women who have been sexually harassed in the workplace, women who have received unfair treatment within the funeral industry & so much more.

Members of Funeral Divas, Inc. receive continuing education, member only products, a membership certificate, advocacy, features & more depending on their membership level. Our members are able to contact us at anytime for advice & resources that will enhance their funeral industry career.

Eternal Enterprises, Inc. is the parent company of Funeral Divas & Funerals Today news. Eternal Enterprises, Inc. is a Funeral Industry Consulting, Advertising & Marketing company that was established in 2009! Funerals Today news has been a free online guide for families and funeral professional alike since 2008. Funerals Today specializes in change, innovation, progress and decisions regarding final tributes. Funerals Today was the first magazine geared toward educating families about the funeral service industry. Our goal is to Educate, Enlighten and Encourage you with a new issue every day.

All of these resources make up who we are within the funeral industry. We are Funeral Divas, Inc. and we thank the women & men that have joined & those that have supported us for the past 11 years!


Muneerah N. Warner, LFD, LE

Founder of Funeral Divas, Inc.

Founder Eternal Enterprises, Inc.

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