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Funeral guests are shocked to see a woman in this role, and many people ask the exact same question!

MORTICIAN shared the stunned reactions of those who found out she was a female in her field.

Melissa, a funeral director said that many people ask her the exact same question.

She shared in one video the story of her arrival at a nursing facility to pick up a dead person and finding a “burly manly man”.

She introduced herself as the funeral directors and was then asked a question.

“He looked at my face and said, “Are you the funeral director?”

Melissa also shared a glimpse into a typical day of being a funeral Director, which requires excellent time management skills.

She said that her day usually begins with getting to the funeral home and getting ready the next day.

She prepared for a funeral on a particular day and then took care all of the urgent matters on her computer. This included flower orders and obituaries.

The casket was delivered to me.

To prepare the casket, she needed to wear personal protective equipment (or PPE).

Melissa used an elevator to place the deceased in the coffin.

Melissa takes care of the boxes, and then she uploads Funeral to go to the cemetery to conduct a funeral.

Melissa then had to go to the airport and pick up the body of a person who had died.

She got into her truck and drove to the airport.

She returns to the funeral home and begins to clean up in preparation for the next service.

Melissa also did a small cosmetic job and cleaned the toilets before getting ready for the next day.

She said that every day is unique and that’s what makes her love her job so much.

Melissa’s videos have been viewed together over 600,000.

TikTokers fill comments asking for more information about their fun post.

One wrote: “Oh, my God! Do you do this to yourself? I’ve always wanted a job in a cemetery or morgue, but don’t know where.

One said: “I thought only dead people buy…

“Wow ……. this is an honorable job. Thank you for taking such good care of your loved ones. And you do so many things, but only for one person,” said another.


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