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Meet the 26-year-old Redhill funeral director who directs hundreds of burials and cremations a year

Mollie Stoneman joined the family business Stoneman Funeral Service aged just 22

Working in the funeral industry and dealing with death on a regular basis must be challenging for many of its workers but can you imagine what it's like for someone so young?

Your 20's are an exciting time, the stage in your life to explore, get to know yourself and figure out your future. Thinking about death is not even a consideration for most people.

But for 26-year-old Mollie Stoneman, dealing with death is something she has to do most days in her role as a funeral director.

Having started out in the industry at the age of just 22, Mollie is considerably young, especially for a female working in such a role.

She told us all about her job in the family business Stoneman Funeral Service, based in Redhill .

From strange requests, getting emotional and the pressure of arranging a final send off, Mollie reveals all.

Was being a funeral director something you always wanted to do?

Like many young people, Mollie was unsure of what she wanted to do for a living and although her family had a long history in the funeral business, it was not something she had ever considered.

She said: "I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. If I wasn't doing this, I might have looked at PA jobs."

Having studied English Literature at Canterbury Christ Church University, Mollie was considering her options when her Grandpa sadly passed away. It was seeing all of the nice things arranged for his funeral that led her down this career path.

She said: "Grandpa passed away a few months before I started at University. He had pretty much arranged his own funeral and seeing this and reading letters from people he had helped made me want to go into the industry.

"We don’t employ anyone under 21 so I was too young and did my degree then came back."

Since then, she's really enjoyed her role and being able to support people through emotional times.

She said: "I like helping people who are going through something difficult. Making that horrible time easier for people and providing comfort, it’s very rewarding."

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