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RememBar - A collection of wearable memories!

RememBar is not simply a collection of fine jewelry, but rather wearable memories that provide comfort as we move forward. Love lives on as life goes on.

RememBar was created by Jennifer Graziano, a 4th generation funeral director from the NY area. Jennifer has had a lifelong passion to help, guide and support those who grieve. She implemented aftercare bereavement support programs within communities as well as created a publication, “Coming of Age”, that helps families have important and sensitive discussions. She has overseen operations of her family’s funeral homes in both NY & CT for over 25 years. In addition, she is an admitted attorney and has also completed courses of study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Having recognized a void for timeless, elegantly crafted memorial jewelry items, Jennifer sought the expertise of Ward Kelvin, a renowned designer in the field.

Unlike other memorial items you will find on internet sites, RememBar, is a well-engineered, beautifully crafted piece of jewelry designed to ensure the utmost security of your loved one’s remains. The hollowed-out bar with a screw backing will give you peace of mind and ensure permanent enclosure. Each piece has a genuine birthstone to commemorate your loved one as well as the sentiment “remember” delicately inscribed. The jewelry is designed to hold cremated remains, a favorite perfume scent and for some pieces, locks of hair. Only a small portion can be placed inside.

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Jennifer Graziano is also a business member at Funeral Divas, Inc.

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