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TD Jakes Stealing from an Undertaker

After 6 months of stealing messages, quotes, mocking & intimidation by TD Jakes, Sarah Jakes & other ministers from the Potters House church; Muneerah Warner licensed funeral director & founder of Funeral Divas, Inc. has decided to confront the situation.

We understand that this is controversial for some people but please keep in mind that we are an advocacy group for women & we have confronted many of your male & female employers, pastors & other organizations for the mistreatment of women in the funeral industry. We are usually able to send letters, make phone call & follow up with a few meetings and the situation is resolved, but not this time. We had to take a different set of actions.

We realize that one of the goals of TD Jakes & ministers in his church was intimation so that he & his daughter could rise to a prominent place in some form of the death-care, grief or another area of the funeral industry. An industry where everyone is more than welcomed if they really want to join us. It is not necessary to remove one person in order for them to rise to the top.

We've created a video & 6-page document with further explanation for people who want to look further into what happened.

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