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Life Insurance

Muneerah N. Warner Funeral Services is a licensed Pre-Need Life Insurance Agent with LCBA - Loyal Christian Benefit Association. 

You can Pre-plan & Pre-pay for your loved ones funeral with us. 

When you sign-up for life insurance or an annuity with us you not only secure your final arrangements you also receive the following benefits:

1. A FREE aftercare program
2. Scholarship availability for children and grandchildren
3. Prescription Drug Discount Program for all family members
4. ID Theft protection
5. Discount program for hearing aids

Single Pay, Monthly & Quarterly Payments are available!

Contact us Today!

Muneerah N. Warner Funeral Services

228 S. 53rd Street - Philadelphia, PA 19139

Office: 267-460-1114 - 24 Hour Cell: 267-377-3517 -

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