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Muneerah N. Warner Funeral Services

"Where Memories Shine Bright"


With over 20 years' experience in the funeral industry Muneerah N. Warner Funeral Services provides professional services to families in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. We are the solution to your every funeral service need and our professional, high-quality services are provided to every family we serve.


From funerals to cremations Muneerah N. Warner Funeral Services serves all nationalities & religions by providing unique & personalized services that will help your loved one's memory shine bright.

About Muneerah...

Death can bring so many challenges. Muneerah N. Warner knows this all too well. She experienced three deaths in her family at the age of thirteen; death launched her interest in the funeral industry. After the grief passed Muneerah knew she wanted to become a Funeral Director. Muneerah then worked in funeral homes from the ages of 15 - 19. She attended Temple University (1999 - 2001) and graduated from Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science in 2002 with a degree in Embalming. After serving a one-year apprenticeship and passing State mandated exams Muneerah obtained her Funeral Directors License in 2004.


From 1995 to the present Muneerah has worked in nearly every area of the funeral industry. She has been a funeral attendant, limo driver, hearse driver, embalmer, administrator, cosmetologist, obituary writer, funeral director and funeral home supervisor.

With this experience Muneerah N. Warner decided to open her own funeral business.

Muneerah has been featured on the Steve Harvey Show on NBC, The Food Network, the front cover of American Funeral Director magazine, the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper & the New York Times.

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